fifth_TRIX400-MinoltaSR-T101 Rokkor1.7-50

01.2016  my “1000” parts camera

the Minolta SR-T 101 + MC-Rokkor 1,7-50  Kodak TRIX400

HC110 dilution [email protected]°C_1 hour semi-stand developed

first 30 seconds agitation 

30minutes still

little rotation in the middle of time for 20seconds…2 or 3 very gentle 

30minutes still

stoppbad 2 % acid just 15 seconsd litle rotaion agitation or so…

Tetanal Super Fix 1+4, 120 seconds, every 30 sec.3 rotations gentle

3/6/12/24 washing 

1minute in distilled wather with one trop of  dish detergent “Spüli” 

ready to dry

wonderful grain spuersinn U 125 0Serie

Spürsinn U125-0 Serie fantastic black&white Film 125 ISO

love this film and the grain! I would be so overjoyed to re- expose this film.

unfortunatelly i then ordered not enough….

no matter i finished two rolls of this film

first roll with an  Canon EOS 500 in november2009 

second roll with my Minolta SR-T101 

here are some results …

enjoy it…/photolist-hH2E7k-7PjpAW-7Htgww-7Ht…

fourth TMX100_Six_TL 2,8-80_Biometar

last days in December 2015 friends and i spend some hours near our hometown river Rhine in cologne… 

fire making is just to easy there…

branches and drift wood is practically everywhere…

 so we enjoyed delicious mulled wine while we talked and photographed…

good time good life:-) 

HC110[email protected]°C_1 hour semi-stand developed

Pentacon_sixTL  I  Biometar2.8-80MC  I  kodakTMX100

first: agitation gentle 30seconds

30minutes still

 in the middle 20 seconds 3 rotations 

30minutes still 

stoppbad  with 2% acid just 15 seconsd  agitation

Tetanal Super Fix 1+4, 18°C, 1,5minutes, every 30 sec.3rotations gentle

3/6/12/24 washing 

3minutes in distilled water with one trop of  dish detergent “Spüli”

ready to dry

third TX400_A1_FD3.5-135

Canon A1 - FD3,5-135 - TX400@400ISO



1-6 is from a journey through forgotten buildings…

7-9 from the same day later on my way back home along the river rhine  

10-13 my son Leander reading in the sun and portraits of him 

1.minute 10sec.rotation(2X)_40sec.silence_10sec.rotation(2X)

2-9 minute 50sec.silence_10sec.rotation(2X)

Stoppbad with 2% acid just 15 sec.  

Tetanal Super Fix 1+4, 20C, 2 minutes, every 30 sec.(3rotations)

3/6/12/24 washing 

5min in distilled water with one trop of  dish detergent “Spüli”  

ready to dry

second TMX100 500cm_planar2.8-80

13.12.2015 - TMX100/120 @100ISO - 500cm

eleven pure summer days on island Rügen…after our first visit in 2014 now again a short vacation on that beautiful island

we had a fantastic hike over 4 km on the “Steilküstenweg” 

later we relaxed at the beach along the “Kreidekliff”

“diese Buchenwälder sind Weltnaturerbe
Neben den Kreidefelsen prägen naturbelassene Buchen den Nationalpark Jasmund. Auf dem kreidigen Untergrund wächst diese Baumart besonders gut. Seit 2011 gehören die Buchenwälder des Parks zum Weltnaturerbe. Die UNESCO zeichnete sie gemeinsam mit fünf anderen Waldgebieten in Deutschland aus”

HC110-H1+63, 20C, 12min

1minute 20sec.agitation slowly+30 sec.silence+10sec.agitation

2-12 minute 50sec.silence+10sec.agitation until 12th minute

stoppbad with 2% acid just 15 sec.  

Tetanal Super Fix 1+4, 20°C for 2 minutes, every 30 sec. 3 rotations

3/6/12/24 washing

5min in distilled water with one trop of  dish detergent “Spüli”  

ready to dry

first TMX100 Bessa6X9

30.11.2015 - TMX100 -Voigtländer Bessa 6X9

my very first own b&w developing :-)

even tought it looks like honey, keep it off of pancakes ;-) 

in Kodak HC110 -H1+63 @20°C for 12min

Tetanal SuperFix 1+4, 20°C for 2minutes, every30sec.(3 rotations)

3/6/12/24 washing

10min. lying in distilled water 20°C 

ready to dry

in September on my way back to cologne from the east

no tripod with me, so i decided to make the Voigtländer Bessa 6X9 on the curbside… 

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