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  1. wonderful grain spuersinn U 125 0Serie

    16 Jan 2016
    Spürsinn U125-0 Serie fantastic black&white Film 125 ISO love this film and the grain! I would be so overjoyed to re- expose this film. unfortunatelly i then ordered not enough…. no matter i finished two rolls of this film first roll with a plastic Canon EOS500  second roll with my…

  2. fourth

    09 Jan 2016
    last days in December 2015 we spend some hours near our hometown river Rhine here in cologne well and fire making is just to easy on the banks of river “Rhein” branches and driftwood is practically everywhere so we enjoyed delicious mulled wine while we talked and photographed good time…

  3. third

    31 Dec 2015
    Canon A1 - FD3,5-135 - TRIX400@400ISO HC110-H1+60_21C_9min autumn 2015 frame 1-6 is a journey through forgotten buildings… cologne frame 7-9 from the same day later on my way back home along the river rhine   frame 10-13 my son Leander reading in the sun and portraits of him  the Development 1.minute…

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