my analog journey

photography stuff and recipes about developing film

  1. trees trunks shapes textures

    26 Feb 2021
    a condensed selection of the pictures that are very close to my heart and can of course also be found here on my site what has always fascinated me since the beginning of my photographic journey are “TREES” sometimes it is only a detail of the bark, the skin of…

  2. translucent plants

    11 Feb 2021
    a series is created my first thought was  “light as a feather fragile as thin glass translucent as silk simply beautiful ” mostly very fragile plants,  blossoms or leaves that I found on our walks through nature saved them to take home later I brought the plants to life  again…

  3. Caffenol-C-L

    22 Dec 2020
    …Januar 2020 Caffenol C-L 12 X 6x6 auf Kodak Trix400  Entwickler: Caffenol-C-L  70min. @20°C Nebel, Raureif, Birken, eine alte Bank, Ginster vom Raureif der Silvesternacht umhüllt ein perfekter Morgen für Schwarzweiß Fotografie.  Nur diesmal wollte ich endlich mal mit Caffenol durchstarten, gedacht getan! Alle Infos  dazu findet man ganz…

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