my analog journey


it was a rather dry but very shapely beech, or what is left of it...

some details:

provia100 rdpIII
Sonar 4-150c ( a very old lens from 1956) an it still works perfectly
f5,6-250 + CPL Filter 

no.1 _f4 distagon4/50-fomapan100_CaffenolC-L

no.1 black------->

                <--------no.1 white

through the illumination of the very thin surfaces, one can literally look into the soul of the plants

light as a feather
fragile as thin glass
translucent as silk
simply beautiful

no.1 _f4 distagon4/50-fomapan100_CaffenolC-L


6 images on Kodak TRIX400 developed in Caffenol C-L
Soda, vitamin C, instant coffee, iodized salt at 20°C for 70 min.

Rohrkolben im Dunst

from dark into light

surrounded from Brooms

frozen by the cold mist

the bench

3 birches



"brown fragrant broth" 

made wonderful 

pictures appear

curved tree


Bergger Pancro400

Spur Acurol-N1:50

shape and structure of these pines I like especially


Bergger Pancro400

Kodak D76-stock

the one in the middle - love it

right in the middle


 4 images on Kodak TMAX100

developed in HC110 - 1+63

from the coastal path of the island of Rügen at Jasmund National Park

deeply rooted

lonesome sailor

edge of the forest

2 images----------------->

Inscriptions and shadows on the rock around the  Lake Laach


shadows on the wall

one image ------------>

AGFA-Isolette2 on Fuji-Neopan400

silhouettes in the forest


two images out of the 


 trees in snow

 on TMAX100

developed in Kodak HC110 1+39 

goast trail



lost in square or is it found ha ha...

medium format on 120mm film.

AGFA Isolette 2 and a Hasselblad 500cm are my work tools

since early 2016 I'm developing black&white film at home

hopefully in the near future,

i also want to produce prints in my own darkroom



3 images in the dark on ilford fp4+...a cold january evening

the "beautiful" two | first month of the year 2018 around "D… | Flickr

the beautiful "two"

illuminated wall

shadow of a monster

 fallen tree at lake laach


illuminated reed

deep rooted

tree in the shore

gentle waves

stone and wood

industrial charm

illuminated forest

 net kissed by the sun

misty morning in the vineyards

clouds in the valley 

leavles in the sun

dark branches

deep in the snowy forest


behind the branches 

balloons and the moon

river rhine

illuminated river



clear view

the dune

curved path

way to the tree

group of trees

the signed tree

4 trees

sun behind the trees

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