stories film photography and developing bnw film

  1. ninth

    18 Nov 2016
    by train from cologne to the south of Germany Canon A1_Tmax100@ISO100   HC110-1+39-6,5min@20°C  “between watering”  i forgot  fix.1+4  4min.every minute agitation for 10 seconds   5I10I20 washing with normal water around 20°C distilled water + one trop of wetting agent Mirasol2000 1+400 ready to dry   loading the film we leave the…

  2. eighth

    26 Jul 2016
    June 2016 hike around lake laach is always a good joy and cologne in the summer heat   Hasselblad and inside a ilfordfp4Plus125 B1+31 - 20°C - 12min. 10I40I10 1.min. 50I10 2.-12.min. “between watering” 3 times always fresh water with 5 tips between fix.1+4 for 2 minutes 3I6I12I24 washing normal water…

  3. seventh

    26 Jul 2016
    HC110-FujiNeopanAcros100 Dilution B 1+31, 5,5min.@20°C  Pentacon six TL first frame at home  photo 02-04 lake Laach - Maria Laach - Eifel - Rhineland Palatinate 1.minute 10I40I10 seconds  2.-5.minute 50I10 seconds stopped mit 2% acid 15seconds Tetanal Superfix 1+4  for 2 minutes 3I6I12I24 washing  one trop of wetting agent 1+400+distilled water…

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