"Zwölf gute Fotos in einem Jahr sind eine gute Ausbeute"

– Ansel Adams –

dark&white no.7
the old oak from "Laacher See"
dark&white no.8
the old oak from "Laacher See"
throughout no.9
the old oak from "Laacher See"
inside no.6
the old oak from "Laacher See"

Depending on the mood you are in, you see and feels different things in one and the same picture.

Of course, I hope that everyone can connect with my pictures in a pleasant way
and thus find a feeling of joy, longing for something, perhaps inspiration or simply relaxation.

Thanks for being here. 

Make yourself comfortable with a coffee or tea and browse through my photographic journey at your leisure. All pictures are analogue and presented with love for detail and passion.

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