my analog journey

hey i'm Mike a film crazy

photographer based in cologne  

I'm burning for photography on film

"the discovery of slowness" is the key

to my photographic world

my photographic vision is to record my lifetime and preserve it

because time passes like 

"smoke through a keyhole"

I'm on an film/argentic journey with an open goal…

landscapes human made or unaffected I like to photograph

I also like it to capture our/my urban familiar life.

my work-tools are mostly a medium format Hasselblad 500cm with 4 lenses (50mm, 80mm, 150mm, 250mm)

not often a AGFA-Isolette II my trouser pocket cam also a 6x6 mediumformat camera

for 35mm i use only my Canon A1 with 5 lenses (24,28,50,135,300mm) this is my point and shot camera

over the years I've become more and more comfortable working with her

...of course I have one or the other old classic camera a Minolta SR-T and Canon's mainly), which I rarely use to take pictures...

in my eyes these cameras are just tools! BUT really beautiful tools of course😉

it's a kind of love for the technical details of such old "metal" cameras.

but in the end "what counts are the "MEMORIES", so the photos that make us dream"

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