stories film photography and developing bnw film

  1. sixth

    17 Jul 2016
    spring 2016 Bad Breisig a slopestyle afternoon at fortunately we found this “slopestyle spot” in Bad Breisig and so we changed our plans for the day. one camera is always with me so i could shot some b&w frames from the “german freestyle mountain bike tour”. used a small…

  2. fifth

    05 May 2016
    01.2016  meine “1000” Teile Kamera Minolta SR-T 101  I  MC-Rokkor1.7-50  I  Kodak TRIX400 HC110 dilution 1+200_@19°C_1 hour semi-stand developed Standentwicklung für 60 Minuten die ersten 30 Sekunden bewegen  30 Minuten stehen lassen 2-3 Bewegungen/Rotationen und aufdotzen nicht vergessen   wieder 30 Minuten stehen lassen uns somit viel Zeit für andere Dinge…

  3. portraits from Leander

    20 Feb 2016
    03.2012 portraits of my lovely ♥ son Leander in the age of 1 years and 5 month he ate and made nonsense in front of the Hasselblad  which I put on the table in front of him film inside was an expired Kodak portra160vc Leander was my first model and…

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