Januar 2017 auf dem Gasometer in Oberhausen 

500cm  I fujineopanacros100  

frame 1 und 2 in black&white

“to the right time on the right place” on the top 

you can enjoy moments like this…

cold and windy a bit but so nice to see the sunset in 120 m’s height 

frame 3 and 4 on slide film

the Gasometer itself   some hours later with an rdpIII inside the 500cm

a well formed bright building with great colors and shapes


Recipe 12  in HC110

dilution1+119@20°C for 20 minutes 

every third minute agitation for 15 seconds

until the 18th minute then 2 minutes rest

at the end of the development time, I moved the tin less

fix as always 1+4 in Tetanal Super Fix for 4 minute

washing 5I10I20  ilford method

at the end Mirasol2000 and one trop of water 1+400 for one minute  with a little agitation

ready to dry

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