12. 2015 

HC110-1+100_@18°C_1 hour semi-stand developed

Pentacon SIX TL   Biometar2.8-80MC   KodakTMX100

i start  initially with 30 seconds of gentle agitation and then very important once properly hit on the table

30 minutes  no movement

20 seconds  so 3 rotations approx. and hit  on the table

30 minutes  no movement

stop bath  with 2% acid for 15 seconds  with movement

Fixing in Tetanal Super Fix 1+4@18°C about 1,5 minutes ( i think to short ) and every 30 seconds 3 gentle rotations 

3/6/12/24 washing 

3 minutes in distilled water with one trop of dish detergent “Spüli”

ready to dry

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