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  1. fifteenth_SIX-TL_tmax400

    10 Feb 2018

    …nach einer Durststrecke im analogen schwarzweiß workflow mal wieder ein Rezept aus meiner Entwicklerküche (sprichwörtlich) Rezept 15 folgt nun hier…  im April 2017 in Köln Forstbotanischer Garten  SIX-TL   I  Biometar2.8-80+yellowfilter  I   TMAX400 DilutionB [email protected]°for6min.inHC110  Senkrecht nach oben 3mal und gemütlich auf einer Parkbank sitzend durch die Äste ein anders mal,…

  2. eighth_ilfordfp4125-500cm

    26 Jul 2016

    June 2016 hike around lake laach always a good joy and my cologne in the summer heat   away with my Hassi and inside a ilfordfp4Plus125 B1+31 - 20°C - 12min. 10I40I10 1.min. 50I10 2.-12.min. “between watering” 3 passages always fresh water with 5 tips between fix.1+4 for 2 minutes 3I6I12I24 washing normal water + one trop of…

  3. fifth_TRIX400-MinoltaSR-T101 Rokkor1.7-50

    05 May 2016

    01.2016  my “1000” parts camera the Minolta SR-T 101 + MC-Rokkor 1,7-50  Kodak TRIX400 HC110 dilution [email protected]°C_1 hour semi-stand developed first 30 seconds agitation  30minutes still little rotation in the middle of time for 20seconds…2 or 3 very gentle  30minutes still stoppbad 2 % acid just 15 seconsd litle rotaion agitation or so… Tetanal Super Fix 1+4, 120 seconds,…

  4. third TX400_A1_FD3.5-135

    31 Dec 2015

    Canon A1 - FD3,5-135 - [email protected] HC110-H1+60_21C_9min 09.2015 1-6 is from a journey through forgotten buildings… cologne 7-9 from the same day later on my way back home along the river rhine   10-13 my son Leander reading in the sun and portraits of him  1.minute 10sec.rotation(2X)_40sec.silence_10sec.rotation(2X) 2-9 minute 50sec.silence_10sec.rotation(2X) Stoppbad with 2% acid just…

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