first TMX100 Bessa6X9

30.11.2015 - TMX100 @100ISO - Bessa 6X9

in september on my way back to cologne from the “east” i used a short break on a parking place to shot some photos after a thunderstorm with a downpour…
no tripod with me i decided to make the Voigtländer Bessa 6X9 on the curbside… 

in the first photo the Bessa was not quit enough! anyway so i got a unique image

The last (fourth) photo here is a slag heap from (Kali&Salz GmbH) a german company near Heringen
this “mountain is gigantic!! 

locals call him “Monte Kali” !! he changed his color with the weather, told me a local Service staff at the gas station :-)…

so it’s a good decision to look up in the morning how the color off “Monte Kali” is, to  decide what y’ll dress today :-)

HC110 -H1+63, 20C, 12min, agitation 10sec.per minute (3rotations)

Tetanal SuperFix 1+4, 20C,2minutes, every30sec.(3 rotations)

3/6/12/24 washing (ilford methode)

10min. lying in distilled water 20C 

ready to try