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  1. fifteenth_SIX-TL_tmax400

    Date 10 Feb 2018
    …nach einer Durststrecke im analogen schwarzweiß workflow mal wieder ein Rezept aus meiner Entwicklerküche (sprichwörtlich) Die Rezepte 12-14 sind auch existent jedoch scheue ich die Puplikation jener, naja sagen wir mal suboptimalen Ergebnisse.  Rezept 15 folgt nun hier… Anfang April 2017  Ballons überfliegen den Fobo in Köln. Mit der SIX-TL…

  2. eleventh_AGFA-Isolette2_Tmax100

    Date 04 Feb 2017
    f11-0,5seconds f16-1second f16-1second f16-1second f22-4seconds 01.2017 AGFA-Isolette2  I  TMAX100@64ISO HC110-1+39@20°C.-5,5min. am 2.01 morgens belichtet und am 2.01 nachmittags entwickelt. 1.min 20 I 40 ( quiet  I  move) 2. - 5,5.min 10 I 50 Zwischenwässern in 20°C H2O rein raus Fixierbad NEU 1+4 Tetanal-Superfix 4min (jede min kippen und dotzen) Wässern…

  3. tenth Six-TL_fujineopanacros100

    Date 04 Feb 2017
    rain, dust, 8 °C, perfect weather to photograph on a cold November morning in the valley of “Eltz castle” SIX-TL   I  fujineopanacros100@100ISO  I  HC110-1+39-20°C-5,5min. 1.min 20I40 2.-5. min. 10I50 stoppbad in 20°C H2O Fixierbad 1+4 for 4 min. watering 5I10I20 distilled water+one trop of wedding agent 1+400 without moving a…


    Date 04 Jan 2017
    a drawing of a small beautiful analog photo tool… Vito2

  5. ninth_tmax100_A1

    Date 18 Nov 2016
    08.2016 by train from cologne to the south from Germany Canon A1_Tmax100@ISO100   HC110-1+39-6,5min@20°C  10I50 1.min. ( 4tip in 10 seconds) 50I10 2.-6,5.min. “between watering” have forgotten fix.1+4 4min. every minute agitation for 10 seconds   5I10I20 washing  with normal water around 20°C  5min. in distilled water + one trop of wetting agent Mirasol 2000 1+400…

  6. eighth_ilfordfp4125-500cm

    Date 26 Jul 2016
    lake Laach Lake Laach view up or lying in the grass June 2016 hike around lake laach always a good joy and my cologne in the summer heat   away with my Hassi and inside a ilfordfp4Plus125 B1+31 - 20C - 12min. 10I40I10 1.min. 50I10 2.-12.min. “between watering” 3 passages always fresh water with 5 tips between…

  7. seventh_fujineopanacros100-six_TL

    Date 26 Jul 2016
    HC110-Fuji NeopanAcros100-B1+31, 5,5min.@20°C  Pentacon six TL… first frame at home a tulip and giraffe photo 02-04 lake Laach - Maria Laach - Eifel - Rhineland Palatinate 1.minute 10I40I10 seconds  2.-5.minute 50I10 seconds stopped mit 2% acid 15seconds Tetanal Superfix 1+4 80 seconds 3I6I12I24 washing one trop of wetting agent with 1+400+distilled water ready to dry f3,5-125_Biometar2,8-80 f16-15_Flektogon 4-50 f16-15_Flektogon 4-50 …

  8. sixth_CanonA1-FD50-1.4-TRIX400

    Date 17 Jul 2016
    05.2016 Bad Breisig at fortunately we found this “slopestyle spot”  in Bad Breisig and so we changed our plans for this day. one camera is always with me so i could shot some b&w frames from the german freestyle mountain bike tour. used a small aperture with high speed of 1/1000! :-)  anyway…

  9. fifth_TRIX400-MinoltaSR-T101 Rokkor1.7-50

    Date 05 May 2016
    01.2016 my ” 1000” parts camera the Minolta SR-T 101 with  MC-Rokkor 1,7-50 where with me homedeveloped of course… 20.02.2016 TX400@400ISO  HC110 dilution 1+200_@19C_1 hour semi-stand developed first 30 seconds agitation  30minutes still litle rotation in the middle of time for 20seconds… two or three very gentle  30minutes still stoppbad 2 % acid just 15 seconsd…

  10. portraits from leander

    Date 20 Feb 2016
    03.2012 portraits of my lovely ♥ son Leander in the age of 1 years and 5 month he ate and made nonsense in front of the Hasselblad which stood before him on the table film an expired Kodak porta160vc Leander was my first model and he it is still the canvas painting in the back is one of Julias…

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