my analog journey

Rohrkolben im Dunst

from dark into light

surrounded from Brooms

frozen by the cold mist

the bench

3 birches

curved tree

right in the middle

deeply rooted

lonesome sailor

edge of the forest


shadows on the wall



lost in square or is it found ha ha...

medium format on 120mm film.

AGFA Isolette II and a Hasselblad 500cm are my work tools

since early 2016 I'm developing black&white film at home

hopefully in the near future,

i also want to produce prints in my own darkroom

illuminated wall

the "beautiful" twice

shadow of a monster

 fallen tree at lake laach


illuminated reed

illuminated reed

deep rooted

deep rooted

stone and wood

industrial charm

misty morning in the vineyards

clouds in the valley 

deep in the snowy forest


goast trail

leavles in the sun

 net kissed by the sun

tree in the shore

behind the branches 


balloons and the moon

river rhine

illuminated river


dark branches

gentle waves

calm water


clear view

the dune

curved path

way to the tree

group of trees


silhouettes in the forest

the signed tree

4 trees

sun behind the trees

illuminated forest

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