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no.1 pair

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no.1 pair

a series of dried plants grows

"light as a feather, fragile as thin glass and translucent as silk simply beautiful"

you have the choice black or white in the background

available individually or as a pair, the 2 pictures are mirrored horizontally and of course look wonderful as a pair next to each other on your wall

(the price doubles, of course, when the pair is chosen)

Camera: 500cm 

Film: Fomapan 100

Lens: Distagon4-50c+MC-TC2X

Developer: Caffenol C-L

available paper:

I recommend baryta paper that has a glossy surface with silky shimmer, brilliant white is combined with rich blacks in an excellent way. And with 315g/m your photo is particularly stable.


Ilford B/W Photo Paper: Matte or Glossy Surface

I recommend a white margin of 3, 5 or 8 cm depending on the size of the print. without a white margin is of course always possible.

20x20cm limited of 50

30x30cm limited of 25

40x40cm limited of 10 

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