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  1. Caffenol all my recipes

    05 Dec 2021

    camera:Hasselblad 500cm   different film types first date: 01.2020  Film: Kodak TRIX400@200 recipe: Caffenol CL semistand @20°C for 70 minutes Soda 20,4 gr. (waterfree) VitaminC 12,75 gr. iodised salt 18 gr. Instant coffee 51 gr. notes on the development process: pre-water for 5 minutes  initial movement 30seconds to 1 minute Intermediate…

  2. trees trunks shapes textures

    26 Feb 2021

    a condensed selection of pictures that i have created in the last years and therefore very close to my heart  since the beginning of my photographic journey i was always fascinated about trees sometimes it is only a detail of the bark the skin of a tree what excites my…

  3. translucent plants

    11 Feb 2021

    12.2020 With this project of 8 rather 16 plants I now also start selling my pictures here via my store.  The beginning has been made and that is good! Hasselblad 500cm  Fomapan100classic@64 recipe29 Caffenol C-L 70minutes @20°C lens: Sonar 4-150c + TC2X a series is created and that is very…

  4. twentytwo

    16 Apr 2019

    03.2018 Hasselblad 500cm Ilfordfp4 125@80ISO D76stock@20°C for 7min. D76 stock and i was stocked ;-) distagon 4-50c sonar 4-150c distagon 4-50c sonar 4-150c more details about the developing on

  5. twentyfirst

    24 Nov 2018

    02.2018 Hasselblad 500cm  Bergger Pancro400 D-76 1:1 @20°C for 17 minutes first time i used D-76 and the Bergger Pancro400 i already love this film or the developer makes the difference.  the signed tree stone and wood covered with powder deep in the snowy forest

  6. twentieth

    10 Sep 2018

    01.2018 Hasselblad 500cm IlfordFP4 125@100 ILFOSOL3 das 1.mal D1+9  I  @20°C  I  4,5min.

  7. sixteenth

    24 Feb 2018

    10.2017  Hasselblad 500cm   fujiacros100@100 Kodak HC110   dilutionB_1+31@20°C_5,5min.

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