05.2016 Bad Breisig at

fortunately we found this “slopestyle spot” in Bad Breisig and so we changed our plans for this day.

one camera is always with me so i could shot some b&w frames from the “german freestyle mountain bike tour”.

used a small aperture with high speed of 1/1000! :-) 

anyway so i could catch the “flying mtb’s” sharp enough… i’m not a “pixel hunter”

Canon A1-FD50-1.4-TRIX400

HC110-H1+60 9,[email protected]°C 

1.minute 10I40I10 seconds 

2.-9. minute 50I10 seconds

stoppbad 15seconds

Fixierung 1+4 2minutes

3I6I12I24 washing

ready to dry

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