fourth TMX100_Six_TL 2,8-80_Biometar

last days in December 2015 friends and i spend some hours near our hometown river… 

fire making is just to easy there…

branches and drift wood is practically everywhere…

 so we enjoyed delicious mulled wine while we talked and photographed…

good time good life:-) 

HC110-1+100_@18C_1 hour semi-stand developed




agitation gentle 30seconds

30minutes still

20seconds 3rotations gentle

30minutes still 

stoppbad  with 2 % acid just 15 seconsd litle rotaion agitation or so…

Tetanal Super Fix 1+4, 18C, 1,5minutes, every 30 sec.3rotations gentle

3/6/12/24 washing 

3minutes in distilled water with one trop of  dish detergent “Spüli”

ready to try